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The world's most reliable lighted arrow nocks

X Nock

Price: $25.00

X Hunting Nocks are a new exciting addition to our product line to enter the archery market in May 2007. It is a brand new Patented "Lighted X Nock" for Easton Axis, Full Metal Jacket, A/C/C SuperSlim, Beman MFX, CX Edge, Etc that not only lets you see your shot placement, but also makes it extremely easy to find your arrow and recover game.


  • Fastest lighted nock on the planet; adds only 8-10 grains to your shaft.
  • No shaft balance issues due to their extreme light weight.
  • Designed and tested by seasoned bow hunters to withstand the forces generated by even the most powerful bows.
  • Remains lit when shot into solid objects like bone, wood, or stone.
  • Stays lit until turned off.
  • Can be seen for hundreds of yards.
  • Made in the USA.


Archers Flame Lighted Nocks are accepted worldwide as the best automatic lighted nocks available. They make it easy to track your shot placement and recover arrows.


Upon releasing your arrow, the nock automatically lights an ultra bright electroluminescent light (twenty times brighter than traditional LEDs). The light remains lit until manually turned off and can be seen for hundreds of yards.


With a lighted nock, you'll never lose an arrow again. They're the lightest, most compact, and most dependable re-usable automatic lighted nocks available in the archery market.
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